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Saigon Lacquer Candlestick L - Pigeon

Saigon Lacquer Candlestick L - Pigeon
Saigon Lacquer Candlestick L - Pigeon
Designer: Arian Brekveld
Article code: Saigon Lacquer Candlestick L - Pigeon
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Together with mister Niên and his colleagues, Brekveld designed the delicate Saigon Lacquer lacquer work collection. Each product consists of several layers of wood, after which 16 layers of lacquer were applied in the traditional fashion, resulting in beautifully finished products without visible seams. The quality of the finishing, combined with the shapes, has resulted in unique products that could not have been realized using different production processes. The collection consists of bowls, serving trays, low tables and candleholders, combined with a ceramic dish.