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Marble Cutting Board

Marble Cutting Board
Marble Cutting Board Marble Cutting Board
Designer: Studio Makkink & Bey
Article code: Marble Cutting Board
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With this new Blue Pottery collection, combined with marble, wood carving and hand paintings Studio Makkink & Bey presents the diversity of the Indian craftmanship on a remarkable way.


The Blue Pottery products are handmade in a small family run business in Jaipur (India), where they also do the hand paintings. Blue Pottery is a kind of ceramics, made of a mixture of white glass, quartz and gum (from the gum-tree). It is glazed and low-fired. The name 'blue pottery' comes from the eye-catching blue dye used to color the pottery. The design is inspired by Indian dancers portraying several characters with their hands, all with different symbolism.


The wood carving is done very precisely by hand. The literal translation of the dancing hands into the wood results in a beautifully shaped wooden spoon, being part of the Cheese Maker. In the Blue Pottery collection a teaspoon shaped as wooden finger makes a nice combination with the cups. The marble pieces are a perfect lid on the Blue Pottery cups and bowls, but also being used as a table-mat or bowl.