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In 2012 Brekveld travelled twice to Vietnam to develop a collection of interior accessories for Imperfect Design together with the local craftsmen. The result of this collaboration is a perfect match between Vietnamese craftsmanship and Dutch Design. Now, 1.5 year after the first collection was launched, we keep on investing in a sustainable relationship with the craftsmen.


Following the high demand of the Bat Trang vases a new Bat Trang table ware collection was designed, which was launched early 2014.  At the Elle Festival (June 27th-29th in Amsterdam) and at the Maison & Objet (September 5th -9th in Paris) the Saigon Lacquer collection, extended with new products and colors, are presented.


The designs of Brekveld are well-known for his simplicity and functionality. Working with Vietnamese craftsmen he again created a perfect balance between his qualities and the subtlety and perfection of the Vietnamese craftsmanship.


The results is a beautiful color range in simple designs, which shows the local lacquer techniques in the best possible way.